lab tech cord blood image Umbilical cord blood to restore sensation and mobility : Stem Cells.

In this recent breakthrough, Korean scientists report using adult stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood in order to restore sensation and mobility to patients who have suffered injuries to the spinal cord.
The study was published in Cythotherapy, which is a peer-reviewed journal. It focused on a female patient who had been paralyzed for nineteen years following an accident. Astonishing results were produced after the adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood were infused into the patient’s body.
According to researchers, “The patient could move her hips and feel her hip skin on day 15 after transplantation. On day 25 after transplantation, her feet responded to stimulation.”…" Read More

Cord Blood: Life-Saving Stem Cells Often Thrown Out

Using stem cells from human embryos remains controversial. But there's another wellspring of stem cells that draws virtually no opposition. As KPBS Health Reporter Kenny Goldberg tells us, this other wellspring often goes to waste.


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