Bellevue doctor tests stem cell cream as anti-aging therapy by JEAN ENERSEN / KING 5 News

A Bellevue doctor is one of only two researchers in the country testing stem cells as an anti-aging treatment. Working with volunteer patients, Dr. Fredric Stern extracts stem cells with a liposuction-like procedure. The cells are then mixed with a special medium. "Half is saved cyrogenically for future use and the other half is shipped to the laboratory in Arizona where on that end the stem cells are grown further," Stern said. Read More





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Stem Cell Cream Shows Benefits Similar to Collagen Injections | Fox News

Researchers from the International Stem Cell Corporation said they have discovered a new class of pluripotent stem cells that have the same characteristics as embryonic stem cells – but don’t require destroying human embryos. Dr. Simon Craw, vice president of the International Stem Cell Corporation, said extracts from these stem cells—called parthenogenetic stem cells—have shown benefits regarding skin care.

The scientists stumbled upon the discovery while doing stem cell research for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.  They essentially cracked open the cells and removed the proteins and peptides from the inside to use as part of a mixture for a topical skin cream. Read More