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BioTime's Subsidiary LifeMap Sciences, Inc. Presents Update on Product Development – MarketWatch.

ALAMEDA, Calif., Apr 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — BioTime, Inc. (ASE:BTX) announced today that David Warshawsky, Ph.D., CEO of BioTime's subsidiary LifeMap Sciences, Inc. will provide and update on product development at an investor meeting in New York City today.

Dr. Warshawsky will describe the origins of XenneX, a company that LifeMap has agreed to acquire, and the business strategy that led to its rapid rise to profitability. He will describe the GeneCards(R) database ( www.genecards.com ) which is used as a research tool world-wide in academia, research hospitals, patent offices, and leading biotech and pharma companies.

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